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Oligo check oligolab  ( formerly called oligoscan ) is an  AI Innovative interpretation software application detecting and predicting your cell health future- in seconds - with recommended customized reports from approved scientific literature for all health care practitioners - which is compatible with any spectrophotometer (oligoscan, so-check, in-cell… Learn More

Identify health risks, lifestyle plan and take AN ACTION

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What is OligoLab Concept?

It's 3 in 1 Service (scanner+oligoscan program+oligolab clinical reports app.) that provides health care practitioners with customized clinical and therapeutic reports in all health sectors ( THERAPEUTIC REPORTS (PRESCRIPTION OR IV INFUSION

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 25 Standard Tests + Cell Map Reports + Free Scanner € 1,000 € 1,000


Why Choose OligoLab?

Compatible To Any Scanners
Interpretations For All Ages ( 0 -> ∞)
OligoLab Reports
100s of Reports Up Yo Your Needs
Cell Health Measure
Cell Health Report
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Corona Prevention Plan
Corona Prevention Plan (CPP)

This is not a diagnostic test, however, it shows your predisposition for any virus including corona at any age.
It shows your cell health Profile for all organs’ tissues, traces your cell nutrients’ balance on the hour ( cell map ) to become more health-conscious and tailor your lifestyle and nutrition plans.
After a thorough analysis of biochemical, nutritional and metabolic molecular cellular reactions, a report is delivered to you, based on the results, the report will identify the risks and provide you with extensive preventive options (optional). 
You need to work closely with your health care provider - not by yourself - to formulate a lifestyle management plan for nutrition, supplement intake, weight, chronic disease control -if any- and physical activity.

IV Therpay

OLIGOLAB IV3BIO   report   provides evidence-based medicine IV preventive-therapeutic customized formula based on 3 BIO METABOLIC parameters:

1-    BIOMARKERS: detecting imbalance of minerals and vitamins as tissue biomarkers for proper energy utilization at a cellular level;

2-    BIOCHEMISTRY: defining improper tissue biochemical reactions e.g. inflammation, dehydration, glycation, immune deficiency, etc;

3-    BIOAVAILABILITY: correcting ionic molecular elements tissue storage for proper utilization and energy production.

  Based on that recommendation interpretation report OLIGOLAB IV3BIO customize your IV protocol to balance your body needs of

Cell map
OligoLab Cell Map

Oligoscan test values  -although accurate and precise -still are measuring minerals,  trace elements, and heavy metals only - so lacking other cell ingredients (macro- and micro-ingredients) besides their reports are only numeric and statistical with a lot of claims when they are correlated to clinical and organ cell functions.

The unique methodology of oligoscan build-in unique OligoLab AI software reports allows full cell ingredients structure (Cell Map) measurements - fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, and antioxidants) to accompany any scanner test results for healthcare providers' use in their practice owing to its clinical and therapeutic interpretation from scientific health and nutrition literature and approved 


A new concept of customized telehealth/medicine practice in all health sectors that allows free movement from your desk to your clients through portable devices. 
Transfer the information through customized reports to all health care practitioners for group consultation sharing.