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10 Standard Tests (Heavy Metals) +  + Unlimited  Advanced OligohealthTest (1 month)   + Full Reports + Free Scanner  for the new oxy oligo scan (so check blend - tissue/vascular) + (New) Telemedicine + Cell age + TSI and  HB  € 3,000 € 3,000

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A new concept of customized telehealth/medicine practice in all health sectors that allows free movement from your desk to your clients through portable devices. 
Transfer the information through customized reports to all health care practitioners for group consultation sharing.

Cell age
Cell biological Age Check Report / Revert Aging Clock

Please pay careful attention if you want to take COMPLETE control of your health and wellbeing and stop the aging clock.

This breakthrough will set you on the path toward long healthy life, WITHOUT
    •  Expensive prescription drugs
    •  Endless doctor's appointments…

hb and TSI
TSI and HB% 

The new oliglab system ( All check/so check blend) aims at matching oxygen delivery to oxygen utilization in skeletal muscles and vascular system

In skeletal muscle, the primary heme compounds are vascular hemoglobin ([Hb]) and…

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