Corona Prevention Plan (CPP)

This is not a diagnostic test, however, it shows your predisposition for any virus including corona at any age.
It shows your cell health Profile for all organs’ tissues, traces your cell nutrients’ balance on the hour ( cell map ) to become more health-conscious, and tailor your lifestyle and nutrition plans.
After a thorough analysis of biochemical, nutritional and metabolic molecular cellular reactions, a report is delivered to you, based on the results, the report will identify the risks and provide you with extensive preventive options (optional). 
You need to work closely with your health care provider - not by yourself - to formulate a lifestyle management plan for nutrition, supplement intake, weight, chronic disease control -if any- and physical activity.

It's time to know more about your CELL-F (self)

Corona Prevention Plan
Corona Prevention Plan (CPP)

Denotes the proper supplement or IV formulation to raise immunity among coronavirus susceptible groups.