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Elite is a UAE based trade company which is the main agent for a lot of OLIGOSCAN license owners globally and the sole owner of OLIGOLAB AI software ( Author: Prof.Ghoz - Co-Author Al Sabeh). The unique software allows you to get real evidence-based medical clinical and therapeutic reports in seconds from any metabolic scanners (any Oligoscan brand)

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Based on your scanner software version (old with 4 hand readings or new with 3 hand readings), You may get instantly:

- Supplement prescription (with dosing)

- Oxidative type, stress, and protection (immune process)

- Nutrition and diet protocol (related to history, biochemical and clinical condition)

- Proper lab. request related to clinical and biochemical tissue imbalance.

- Exact biochemical cellular imbalances including acidosis, glycation or inflammation, etc.

- IV customized formulation in dosage

- Classic (any clinical specialty) and Functional medical reports (holistic, homeopathy, bio-resonance, etc.

- Tissue vitamins, hormones imbalance

- Tissue fats, proteins, carbs contents imbalance (script)

- Specialty health problems reports (derma, cardio, physiology, etc.)

- On the hour organ and tissue function energy expenditure (new and unique) - mitochondrial cell battery

RECENTLY you may use your scanner for rent at home, organic restaurants, hotels, medi-spas, sports clubs, etc. as PERSONAL units to check only cell storage (tissue script) so clients may ask for full tissue checkup at Oligolab clinics which offer the service.

For more details please visit our web site WHAT IS OLIGOLAB?

All services are offered for affordable pricing with high-quality service and IT support 24/7. OligoLab is a service product with added value to help propagate your services up to your needs and clients’ request. It’s the best seller to promote your sales of products or tests or services at once by its unique reports, besides its own added profit.

We offer online training or at our places training locations (London-Beirut-Dubai)