Home Units

The idea behind this concept is to use scanners to issue mini tests (donuts of health) at population points (home, organic restaurant, schools, etc..).  The Oligolab reports at those points are called “scripts”

In this scenario, Oliglab 3 in 1 system can expand your advertisement campaign outside your place to reach a large and different category of population to attract their attention to your services.


Scripts show a list of   more  micro and macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs, hormones, vitamins) from  scanners’ readings (minerals, trace  elements, and heavy metals)    to check cellular  metabolism in   different body organs ,  so individuals may check their overall health conditions while at their place ( mimic measuring blood pressure at home using portable Omron unit for blood pressure).


Once the freelancers wandering with scanners to print scripts, they can instantly send them remotely to healthcare providers -to interpret those scripts- using Oligolab software to issue specialized reports ( whether standard or mini).


By that scenario, Oligolab service may spread to cover different places of health care services and sectors while healthcare practitioners may or may not have a scanner (Oligolab station users or reports’ recipients).