OLIGOLAB IV3BIO STATIONS: Customize your IV needs and maximize your health

Proprietary formulations of amino acids, vitamins, detoxifiers, antioxidants, fluids and other supplements administered through intra-venous (IV) infusions should increase the absorption and bioavailability of the infused nutrients to our bodies and greatly benefit our system.

For both healthy and diseased individuals its already used worldwide for: increased energy, strengthening  immune system function, improving mood, detoxification of unwanted chemicals and environmental pollutants, minimization of the negative effects of travel on the body and mind, diminished jet lag, improving speed of healing and recovery, enhancing athletic performance, support and maintenance and correction of vitamin and supplement levels for weight loss programs, rehydration and fluid balance support on a consistent basis, improving mental clarity and focus and a lot more.

 Forty years after John Myers, a Baltimore physician, began injecting vitamins and minerals into patients, “intravenous micro-nutrient therapy” as a cure-all for the stressed, the anxious, the depressed, the dehydrated, the immune-weakened and the overweight. Myers cocktail became the model and Godfather of all used cocktails with some editions.

 Critics remain unconvinced, arguing there is no evidence from properly controlled trials that vitamin infusions do anything to improve the health of people who don’t suffer true vitamin deficiencies. Hooking up to an IV drip is the latest health fad (WELLNESS BOUTIQUES), but critics say there is little proof it works

 Vitamin drip’s “diet and detox” injection, a mixture of vitamins C and B, and amino acids, which it says can hydrate your cells, regains fitness, burn body fat and reduce hunger pangs, is among the most requested treatments for gym goers and weekend worriers.

 In fact IV vitamin therapy, depending on the formulation, delivers a high concentration of vitamins mainly, minerals and amino acids directly to the body’s cells, bypassing the digestive system to allow more rapid and effective absorption of nutrients than could be achieved by swallowing them.

 Vitamins drip recommends infusions once a week for four to six weeks, sometimes describes a “loading phase,” followed by a maintenance phase of less frequent injections.

 Unfortunately, vitamin injections tie into “the overall ‘wellness’ idea. “This notion of ‘If you’re rundown and tired, come and get an IV infusion of water-soluble vitamins’ makes no medical sense whatsoever. Most people think it is making them healthier; although it’s a sort of massage session but a little bit expensive.

  Latest wellness craze, diet programs, nutrition coach sessions, IV wellness therapy, which delivers a potent dose of essential nutrients and hydration enrich such thinking of keeping them up with their busy lifestyle.


  Back to medical literature metabolism converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins found in food to energy through a complex series of chemical reactions. These reactions are catalyzed by enzymes. Metabolic enzymes require vitamin and mineral cofactors.

 OLIGOLAB IV3BIO   report   provide evidence-based medicine IV preventive-therapeutic customized formula based on 3 BIO METABOLIC parameters:

1-    BIOMARKERS: detecting imbalance of minerals and vitamins as tissue biomarkers for proper energy utilization at cellular level;

2-    BIOCHEMISTRY: defining improper tissue biochemical reactions e.g. inflammation, dehydration, glycation, immune deficiency etc;

3-    BIOAVAILABILITY: correcting ionic molecular elements tissue storage for proper utilization and energy production.

  Based on that recommendation interpretation report OLIGOLAB IV3BIO customize your IV protocol to balance your body needs of fats, proteins and carbohydrates whether you are healthy, exercising or not or even athlete.

  Actually there would be no need for a loading dose -as in the standard all in one protocols - as OLIGOLAB IV3BIO

customized formula already uploads the cells with the needed molecular elements to correct the present cause of imbalance.

 OLIGOLAB IV3BIO on the contrary to ordinary IV infusions guarantees no risk to normal health as it doesn’t infuse anything that could reach toxicity levels. Besides, once you use up the amount you need, the little rest end up getting filtered by the kidneys and peed out in urine.

OLIGOLAB IV3BIO report is a real help for patients who have chronic inflammatory or degenerative diseases or prone to have or those chronic stress or chronic anxiety that really need to be built up again.

 It’s a good option for people who are severely sick and can’t absorb vitamins properly.


Quite simply, athletes need more nutrients than less active people. They demand more from their bodies than even average fitness seekers and so must compensate with the right nutrients from foods or supplements to keep performance and recovery at its peak.

 The perfect IV therapy for athletes (when only indicated and follows rules of anti-doping list) should:

-Provide full mixture of vitamins and minerals to increase energy and performance (for both endurance and strength athletes)

-Boost hydration levels at cellular levels

-Enhance pre-competition boost and post-competition recovery

 -Encounter fast rehabilitation of court injures

-Provide maintenance fast recovery program after rehabilitation therapy

 So whether you compete in an official capacity or you just want to improve your overall level of fitness and physical achievements, OLIGOLAB IV3BIO provide you with customized safe and legal report not only for performance, but also excellent for the long-term health of your body.

 Ask for OLIGOLAB IV3BIO stations worldwide and get an appointment for better safe effective health protocol that suits your life style. 



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