Report Examples

Those are examples of clinical and therapeutic recommendation guidance reports issued by module 2 (OLIGOLAB AL SOFTWARE) integrated to all available scanners’ brands worldwide of different manufacturers.

All scanners’ value readings forms are either STANDARD or MINI-Oligohealth as stated before.

Standard Reports

Are in-depth clinical and therapeutic recommendation guidance reports that help to add cellular tissue analysis as an additional tool aiming for detecting, preventing and predicting a lot of health problems for all health care providers.

 Oligolab technology   provides evidence-based medicine customized clinical and therapeutic reports related to each individual scanners’ tissue-values’ readings  according to 3BIO METABOLIC parameters:

1- BIOMARKERS: detecting imbalance of minerals and vitamins as tissue biomarkers for proper energy utilization at the cellular level;

2- BIOCHEMISTRY: defining improper tissue biochemical reactions e.g. inflammation, dehydration, glycation, immune deficiency, etc;

3-  BIOAVAILABILITY: correcting ionic molecular elements tissue storage for proper utilization and energy production.

  Based on that recommendation interpretation reports issued from approved literature and libraries based on precise tissue values of scanners’ readers,  OLIGOLAB AI software customize your lifestyle to balance your cellular energy body organs needs of micro and macro nutrients fats, proteins and carbohydrates whether you are healthy, exercising or not or even athlete.

Reports Example

Script Report
Full Report Recommendation
Prescription Report
Cardiovascular Report
Sport Medicine Report
IV Customized Report
Clinical Recommendation Report
Clinical Specialty Report
MINI - Oligohealth Reports:

Are users’ friendly reports that help trace your cellular energy needs- because of its special and unique approach of understanding and practically using the interpretation of tissue scanners readings forms, in marketing your clinical practice and follow up your client condition.


Circles’ colors represent -what we arbitrarily call “donuts of health” (battery scheme)– state of biochemical and hence, the metabolic cellular activity of body organs so health care practitioners in any health sector can use it to search for causes of symptoms or illnesses rather than diagnosing a  disease.


Mitochondria in cells throughout our bodies are responsible for creating 90% of the energy needed to sustain life and support organ function. When the mitochondria function poorly, the organs begin to fail - people get sick and even die.  If three or more organ systems are involved, mitochondrial disease should be suspected.


Oligolab reports can keep track of the general energy level on a direct daily basis. The Oligolab Body Battery scheme is a feature that uses a combination of CNS, GUT and DETOX biochemical activities through its unique 3bio methodology (mineral biomarkers, bioavailability and tissue biochemical values) to estimate the energy reserves of the body organs during the day. Record and display a number between 1 and 100 that represents the individual's energy level. The higher the number, the more energy the user should have to complete tasks and activities. A lower number may indicate that it's time to save energy. The unique aspect of Body Battery is that it is a cumulative metric that builds a picture of organs’ energy over an hour and days.


 Why it’s important?

The Oligolab body battery chart can be used to help manage people's day. When the number is high, it should mean that the individual has enough energy for a workout or exercise. Conversely, when the value is low, it may be a good idea to preserve and restore. It can also be used to learn how the body reacts to various situations and stimuli. For example, if the body battery shows a low number in the morning, the user may be able to examine the last few days of cumulative measurements to identify what the cause may have been.


Should my body battery always be high?

Your body's battery may not necessarily always be high. Bodily battery should generally be higher after waking up from a restful night. Then it will naturally drain as the user goes around for the day. Vigorous activity will drain the battery faster, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Regular exercise, activity, and recovery should increase the body's endurance and endurance over time. The bodily battery can be used to help manage when and how long the exercise can happen as well as encourage sufficient recharge to handle an upcoming activity or a busy day.


What does Charged and Drained mean?

The loaded and unloaded levels are displayed which show how many Body Battery points have been recharged or recovered compared to how many were spent or consumed. Ideally, there should be a level similar to each at the end of the day, indicating a balance between activity and recovery. Too much of one without the other is not recommended.

How do I charge my body battery?

A good night's sleep is the best thing to do to load. Try to avoid things that hinder restful sleep such as caffeine, alcohol or exercise too close to bedtime, as this would delay recovery. Eating healthy, while always a good idea, does not directly affect the metric of the body's battery. Similarly, energy shots or other caffeine-based drinks can temporarily increase alertness but do not actually increase the body's battery.

What happens if I take away my balanced lifestyle?

Body battery measurement will estimate the charge or drain during short periods and long periods of a healthy lifestyle, including healthy foods, mood, and exercise. If it is switched off for a long period of time (several hours), the value will be reset based on the normal balance of the organs and will continue from that point once an individual returns to the activity. After a regular uninterrupted activity for a whole day, the values ​​must be closely related to what the body's battery should be. The healthier you are! more accurate it should be.

Mini - OligoHealth Reports

Homeopathy Mini Report
Holistic Mini Report
Bioresonance Mini Report
Script Report
Wellness Mini Report
Prescription Report
Nutrition Mini Report
Patient Recommendation
Physio-MediSpa Mini Report
Advanced Mini Report
Standard Report
Clinical Specialty Report
Alternative Medicine Mini Report
Dermatology Mini Report