OligoLab Catalog

The new brand -OLIGOLAB- is a multi-task clinical interpretation AI software aiming at preventing and pre-diagnosing any metabolic problems related to mineral deficiencies and heavy metals intoxication.

OLIGOLAB is a powerful health search engine -using trusted medical scientific search sites - that relates those above mentioned metabolic problem issues with subclinical symptoms and signs that allow healthcare providers to prevent and pre-diagnose properly a lot of missed or lately diagnosed health problems.

OLIGOLAB advocates healthcare providers' ability to interpret any scanner test by reading precisely the following results in 7 seconds:
-supplement prescription ( with dosing )
-proper lab request for any suspected health problem
-exact biochemical imbalances even glycation or inflammation, etc
-IV customized formulation in dosage
-functional medical reports ( holistic, homeopathy, bioresonance, etc
-tissue vitamins, hormones imbalance
-tissue fats, proteins, carbs contents imbalance
-specialty health problem reports ( derma, cardio, physiology, etc..)
-on the hour organ and tissue function energy expenditure ( new and unique )- mitochondrial cell battery
RECENTLY you may use your scanner for rent at home, organic restaurants, hotels, medi-spas, sports clubs, etc - as PERSONAL units to check only cell storage ( check script on web site ) so Clients may ask for more tests to do at your place

Oligolab is a service product not intended to compete with scanners but it’s an added value to help propagate your services up to your needs and clients’ requests.


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