How to read OligoLab report?

OligoLab system ( Oligocheck/ ALL-check / Tissue - Vascular / Oxy OligoScan) software intervention report shows the interaction between minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals in tissues as an innovation of science. Due to the fact that heavy metal intoxication affects the bioavailability of minerals and trace elements in tissues, AI OligoLab software allows measuring that effect, besides measuring the rate of organs’ detox through frequent assessment. AI OligoLab software in such a case finds an explanation for the bioavailability of minerals and trace elements in tissues and their relation to heavy metal intoxication. 

Standard tests show static cell behavior related to values and numbers only in contrast to advanced OligoStandard / Lab tests which show dynamic cell behavior analysis, so can trace cell membrane transport and mitochondrial activity through tissue consumption and storage, cell detox, and bioavailability functions.

 So it's not about low or high it's about WHY


minerals and heavy metalsAdvanced Oligohealth report

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