Minerals and trace elements are now recognized as new molecular biomarkers for chronic diseases. Gut absorption and tissue bioavailability are of high priority for enzymatic energy production at cellular level within body organs.

Measurements of their level in the blood however does not offer early significant medical clues most of the time. To the contrary, their tissue level is much more reliable and any disturbance in their tissue level provides an early sign of a significant health problem.

 Minerals and trace elements tissue levels can be reliably measured by specialized spectrophotometer devices e.g. oligoscan. However the interpretation of their significance in terms of tissue level of each one of them alone and or in correlation with other minerals’ levels is extremely difficult to analyze. OligoLab -the smart software- was created for this purpose.

OligoLab is a metabolic search engine software -applied to any tissue spectrophotometer scanners e.g. oligoscan- that concisely bridge the core facts you need to know on nutrition and metabolism with relevant clinical scenarios.  

OLIGOLAB analyzes the information supplied by the spectrophotometer and this analysis is based on thousands of medical papers and research studies (all reports can be requested and printed online upon request from a well-known approved reference or citation as a standard validation and information verification of OligoLab sources). The analysis is quick and the result appears in the form of recommendations.

OligoLab is a valuable, faster and cheaper application-for both Windows, Linux and Mac users- used by health practitioners in all specialties to check health condition and environmental tissue storage risk exposure through printed clinical and supplement recommendation reports (TARGETED INTERPRETATION AND SUPPLEMENTATION).

This interpretation software recommendation reports are used   for Detecting, preventing and Pre-diagnosing metabolic problems related to mineral & trace element imbalance & heavy metal intoxication through data analysis. (Do QUICK SCAN IN THE CLINIC (ANY SCANNER), RELAYED TO A REMOTE SOURCE OF ANALYSIS (OLIGOLAB), AND THE RESULTS RELAYED TO THE CLINIC AUTOMATICALLY.)

The interpretation of tissue scanner readings has been widely documented throughout scientific literature of different clinical, biochemical and pathological results with micronutrient and orthomolecular medicine. It represents an evidence based nutrition science with international approved guidelines for medical practice.

This innovative science of analysis of the minerals and trace elements intracellular levels and their complex interrelationship is a new era in medicine (Cutting-edge translational science) and it offers a fast method of early detection and prevention of diseases and it provides clues for the proper management of many chronic diseases.

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How to read OligoLab reports (standards or mini)

You have to consider first symptoms then biochemistry then lab recommendations in the full sheet of standard test. Exactly as you ask your patient, you ask him first about his symptoms then you examine him looking for clinical findings (for OligoLab it is cellular examination by checking for biochemistry (to check for clinical finding because it can't examine him like you), then you ask for an investigation which is the same for OligoLab (it asks for special lab tests), then you have your differential diagnosis (it is compared to the ratio findings of OligoLab report). The difference is that OligoLab depends on tissues only for his recommendation report (storage and mitochondrial chemical reactions for proper cellular hence organ functions) and it gets its information faster, precisely and directly from evidence-based medical and health articles and use its own biomarkers (minerals and trace elements so it is closer to detect health problems once intracellular. Doctors depend on extracellular media (carriers only) so they miss a lot of true indicators (that’s why we miss or lately diagnose or have wrong interpretation).

Then from specialties OligoLab tells you the possible correlation between its findings (full sheet report of standard test or donut report of mini test) and the patients’ clinical condition (history or possibility only) for you to check (interpretation and recommendation).

It is more logic to check storage (tissue) before transport (plasma) and build our diagnosis on substrate constituents (sub molecules as, mg, ca, zn etc..) rather substrates (albumin, homocysteine, etc..) and depend on dynamic intracellular biochemical reactions in tissues rather than homeostatic extracellular chemistry in serum.

OligoLab advises the right supplement prescription to balance minerals and nutrient metabolism (proteins, fats, carbs, hormones, etc..) inside your cells for better organs' function and energy production so proper cell regeneration and growth.

So as you may get no clinical findings  or  lab results and assure your patient he is fine and relate his complaints to stress usually ( or you may find issues that go with your differential diagnosis), OligoLab reports  may also  match your clinical evaluation;  but the difference is that OligoLab reports has no false-positive results ( it detects hidden causes of symptoms or signs) and its findings are there as past history, present history or even future possibilities regarding your patient health conditions in any specialty.

 OligoLab acts as a co-pilot that report all plane conditions (health conditions) instantly to detect and prevent any problem (illness) to ensure passengers’ safety (organs) to land safely (healthy lifestyle).





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