Paid Registry



Once the information is filled and submitted, an email will be received for approval.

Once the approval email is received you can subscribe for Monthly or per test subscription.





Once you received of account activation with your credentials now you can log in.




Buy Tests

From Menu Click My Account, it will display Profile Page.




Click on Buy Tests (Standard or Mini Tests)


You can choose for purchasing

  1. Standard
  2. Mini Test

After choosing you Standard or Mini then you have to choose a subscription type

  1. Monthly
  2. Per test



Check the items and add them to Cart. In the right part the “My Cart” will show all the items that added to the cart.

Items can be deleted from the cart.

Once you finish choosing the items you can check out (by checking out you are agreeing to Terms and conditions you can read it by clicking on the link).

You will be prompted to payment method as shown in the image below

unload safe script
some times it will appear a white screen just click on the shield above and click on Load unsafe scripts it will work.




Fill all the necessary data to make the payment. Once the payment is approved you will get an invoice for the paid items with terms of agreement. Once you deliver your machine you will be instructed to get full training via our IT team to use the software properly (you may check our training and video manual too)