Oligolab passport V4
Oligolab passport V4

Your cells are silent although dynamic (music of silence)- but they can lead you to a healthy life if you let it be.

The cell modification technology, NANOTECHNOLOGY, based on AI software - which combines biochemical cell analysis and therapeutic AI protocols, makes our clinic’s creations in health specialties  ( skin - GIT - brain axis ) truly unique. 


This new evidence-based approach for health wellness, anti-aging, and longevity for all age groups since 1 year of life for all health specialties makes any health clinic a truly personalized holistic clinic for predictive health care looking after causes of illness rather than symptoms and signs ( basis of clinical integrative medicine) taking into consideration that blood analysis misses a lot of rationalizing a lot of symptoms or signs of the already going on health problem.


So be your cell-f rather than yourself by following your cell rather than your lifestyle so the Golden Role is: "It is possible that tissue analysis tests can tell if any cell- accordingly organs- are aging rapidly, guiding therapeutic interventions well before clinical symptoms manifest". The Oligolab system allows for checking cell vital signs (oxidative protection, hydration, heavy metals, vitamins, and antioxidants) which are considered the basis of vital organ signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc). The new Oligolab passport V4 allows one to check cell biometrics ( tissue HB, TSI-oxygen infusion, perfusion-, NAD, and mitochondrial membrane stability) hence cell biological age. Oligolab can estimate the biological-mitochondrial age of any key organ, organ systems, or tissues in an apparently healthy person, which in turn, predicts the risk for disease or mortality related to any age or improper organ growth in children.

Oligolab Version 4 allows the healthcare practitioner to check: 1) instant cell ingredients and clinical correlations as a static report - on the hour ( as if static photography ) or 2) predictive cell behavior for the coming 10 years as an interactive reports -based on tissue bioavailability - regularly ( as if a video recording).
AI Oliglab software uploaded to the original American Oligoscan has no false positive reports with the capability of being prophylactic, pre-diagnostic, and predictive instantly.

Contrary to Oligolab V3, V4(Oligolab Passport)  shows both tests (OH&OS) at the same time to allow instant and predictive cell behavior for all age groups for the expected coming 10 years.