Oligolab interprets data recovered from tissue molecular readings and relates them to different clinical health conditions met with in serious immune processes (oligo-lab.org/specialties/oncology).

Detection of tissue abnormal biochemical reactions is equal to those met in with tissue pathological changes, so it is becoming more easy using oligolab technique (photo-cellular biopsy) specially for assessment and reassessment of health compromised conditions of serious medical problems. A lot of metabolic blood errors may be detected earlier using such technique.

Health Conditions

No Health Conditions
1 Blood, immune health
2 Appetite
3 Bruising
4 Bleeding
5 Fatigue
6 Allergy
7 Weight changes
8 Boneaches
9 Change bowel/bladder habits
10 Nagging cough or hoarseness
11 Sore that doesn’t heal
No Health Conditions
11 Unusual discharge
12 Chronic nausea
13 Depression
14 Diarrhea
15 Mouth sores
16 Fever 
17 Muscle wasting
18 Pain
19 Taste alteration
20 Vomiting