Oligolab interprets data recovered from tissue molecular readings and relates them to different clinical health conditions met with in orthopedic clinic (oligo-lab.org/specialties/orthopedics).

Detection of bones, ligaments, joints, muscle and nerve injuries is becoming easier using OligoLab technique especially for assessment and reassessment of health and rehabilitation regimens.

A lot of serious bone and joint health problems may be more serious if not discovered at an early stage especially in pregnancy, newly born, children and elderly. 


Health Conditions

No Health Conditions
1 Bone, joints; muscle health
2 Contractures
3 Steroid therapy
4 Easy fatigue
5 Edema
6 Extremity weakness
7 Inflammation
No Health Conditions
8 Movements, stiffness
9 Pain
10 Weight loss
11 Weight gain
12 Vitamin D status
13 Degeneration
14 Sprain