What is OligoLab Technology?

Minerals and trace elements are now recognized as new molecular biomarkers for chronic diseases. Gut absorption and tissue bioavailability are of high priority for enzymatic energy production at a cellular level within body organs.

Measurements of their level in the blood however do not offer early significant medical clues most of the time. On the contrary, their tissue level is much more reliable and any disturbance in their tissue level provides an early sign of a significant health problem.

Minerals and trace elements tissue levels can be reliably measured by specialized spectrophotometer devices e.g. oligoscan. However, the interpretation of their significance in terms of tissue level of each one of them alone and or in correlation with other minerals’ levels is extremely difficult to…

Oligolab technology

How to read OligoLab reports?


Health care practitioners usually start their clinical examination by getting vital organ signs (temperature, blood pressure, etc ) then start asking their clients about symptoms and signs of any health problems to reach an early diagnosis or even ask for some investigations. Oligolab technology allows for tissue (intracellular) examination as an additional tool for cell health conditions too ( vital cell signs) which include hydration, oxidative stress, toxins, etc.  Oligolab considers 3BIO methodology for checking symptoms and signs, investigations, and differential diagnoses too but via tissue analysis. 

As an…

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How to read OligoLab Report?

(Mini - OligoHealth)

On the contrary of standard full report reading strategy which is used for long term assessment of health problems, OligoHealth report reading strategy correlates cell dynamic biochemistry to metabolic, nutritional, and functional organ behavior instantly, so better used for detection and prevention rather than prevention, correction, and prediction ( standard report). 

Oligohealth reports are users’ friendly reports that help track your cellular energy needs over hours and days so used practically in promoting your practice (recommend services) and follow up on your client's health conditions. So it is more useful as a screening test for short to medium term assessment even at home (B2C too).

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